Friday, April 1, 2011

Planned Parenthood apologizes for abortions

(click the image for the Telegraph's Top 10 April Fool's Day links)

Guess what day it is?!?

Sorry, but unfortunately it's not true...but we can all hope right?

However, if you want to stay updated on the Pro-Life world I highly recommend checking out these sites:

                    - The ministry of Scott Klusendorf, formerly of Stand to Reason
                    - "Persuasively communicating the Pro-Life message"


                   - "Graphically exposing the injustice of abortion"


                   -  "Helping moms, saving babies, ending abortion!"


            - "Students for Life is an indispensable resource for pro-life college students who would otherwise be left in the wilderness of liberal academia.' 
                                   ~ US Congresswoman Michelle Bachman


Here are some great books to help you make your case for life!


Do you know of any other helpful Pro-Life resources? 

Please share!!

Oh, and try not to get duped the rest of the day! Not that you actually fell for this :)

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