Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is the power of Christ's sacrifice?

An anti-Calvinist sermon preached in Brisbane, Australia late last year stated:
To limit the atoning work of our Lord Jesus on the cross to cover only some people is so offensive, and strips that wonderful sacrifice of much of it's glory and power.
Here is Dr James White's great response:
What glory and power is stripped from Christ's sacrifice by saying that He did not die for those that God knew would...spend eternity in Hell?...What power is expressed by Christ's sacrifice in His own position? He knows that John Brown is never going to believe, so He punishes Jesus Christ in John Brown's place: the entirety of His wrath due to John Brown's sin falls on Jesus Christ in his place, and then the entirety of that same wrath falls upon John Brown. Where is the power and the glory there? Could someone answer that question for me? For some of my squeamish reformed brethren who really are questionable on particular redemption, could you answer that question too? At least you've thought about it. It's very clear that this brother has not.
(transcribed from December 30, 2010 podcast of The Dividing Line)

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