Monday, January 31, 2011

Philippians 1:27-30

Here is the last post for the 1st chapter of Philippians.

I'm enjoying this process (of course in storing up the Word of God in my heart) but also I'm getting more acquainted with my music software. I also look forward to one day actually having a microphone, but until then i will continue to use a mic attachment for my least it works!

This week, I decided to use both guitar and piano. I contemplated adding drums, or just a sweet beat to the background, but it got late. Maybe in the future. (Luckily it got late during last week's recording...I was contemplating using a bit of Auto-tune to add a little 'T-Pain' flair! Let's just hope I never actually record at a reasonable time of day or these will start to sound quite different. lol.)

Anyways, here it is:

Happy memorizing!

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