Monday, January 3, 2011

Fast Food Prayer

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks: I've become accustomed to fast food praying. After peaking in on Emery before I left for work this morning, I noticed her eyes were wide open as she jerked around to look at me. I quickly bolted out of the room and closed the door and watched her lay her head back down through the crack of the door.

As I was getting my coat on I noticed I was half talking to myself in my head hoping that she wouldn't wake up and wake mallory up, and half praying to God that this wouldn't happen.

I felt both convicted and reassured that my prayers would be intermingled with my own thoughts. Is that a sign that Christ has become such a close part of my life that I'm always in prayer? Or is it a sign that I consider prayer so cheap that it could get lost in my own thoughts?

I don't want my prayer to be only asking God for things, although I know that it is perfectly fine to ask God for things.

This year I will work on being more purposeful in every prayer, everyday. I don't want to pray in vain.

Resolved: Pray intently or do not pray at all.

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