Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Congress condemning women?

There is an open letter to Congress from Planned Parenthood that is gathering signatures from supporters.

This letter started after the "House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from all federal funding for birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, and other lifesaving care."

The letter begins:

"How could you? How could you betray millions of women - and men, and teens - who rely on Planned Parenthood for health care?

How could you condemn countless women in this country to undiagnosed cancer, unintended pregnancies, and untreated illness?"

Did you catch it? That last line said that Congress would be condemning women by removing federal funding of Planned Parenthood. This is similar to the argument against Calvinism that says "How could God condemn all those He doesn't elect? By not electing them they are condemned to hell, and God is condemning them to hell by not choosing them."

However, what needs to be noted is the position of man in the first place.  Man is already on the way to hell on their own, by their own acts of sin. It is a merciful God that chooses to save some from their self-inflicted condemnation.

In similar fashion, citizens of this country have no legal right to the 'care' that PP offers. By removing federal funding, Congress is not condemning them, merely leaving them in their natural state. Congress has no obligation here.

(FYI many local county health departments offer free cancer screenings.)

So, if they were going to write a letter to congress, it should say something like: "Would you please be merciful to these women - and men, and teens - who utilize Planned Parenthood's 'health care'? We recognize that their health is their problem, and there is no right for them to have help with this, and that they have other options, but it would be great if you did help them stay in business."

Now, how about the fact that they call an unplanned pregnancy conndemnation?!?

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3

I consider a reward the antonym (exact opposite) of condemnation.

In case you didn't catch the wording above, let me repeat it with emphasis: "How could you condemn countless women in this country to undiagnosed cancer, unintended pregnancies, and untreated illness?"

This is asserting that without PP these people will have undiagnosed cancer, get pregnant unintentionally, and have their illnesses untreated.  What happened to personal responsibility? It's as if they characterize people as helpless beings who cannot take care of themselves to prevent cancer, NOT have sex (or even at least!!! not be able to kill their baby), or not get their illnesses treated by other means.

It is this exact practice that has bred such an immature, irresponsible nation. People no longer think for themselves and must have someone else take care of their problems (as if pregnancy is a problem to be solved...ugh).

I could continue, but I think most of this is common sense (or is it??).

Once again, I call everyone to pray for those involved in this culture of death.

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  1. Well hey, "But if [my daughters] make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." It's so heartbreaking to see the way the world thinks. Thanks for a great post!

    - Dan