Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giveaway of all Giveaways!

Who likes free stuff?!?!?

No, it's not going on here. Sorry. Maybe one day I'll be able to coordinate such a wonderful gift package for you all, but to keep you satisfied until then I'm letting you in on one that's happening right now!!

The Book and Music Giveaway is going on over at Jonathan Bolin's blog.

The giveaway includes:

  1. Your choice of any bonded leather, Truetone, or personal size edition of the ESV Study Bible
  2. Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine
  3. Bob Kauflin’s Worship Matters
  4. Rolland McCune’s Systematic Theology three volume set
  5. Page CXVI’s three Hymns CD’s
    1. You can stream their 2nd Hymn cd for free at the bottom of this page :-)
  6. Together for the Gospel Live CD

And yes, ONE person will win ALL of this! This is the giveaway of all giveaways!

There are ways to get multiple entries; I encourage you to do them all so you have better chances (although that would make my chances of winning go down, so...hmmm).

Contest ends at the end of the month, so act fast to get in!

Thanks to Jonathan for organizing this!

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