Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ligonier Ministries '$5 Fridays' - Good for family?

I just received my two products that I purchased from Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul's ministry) last week. They have an ongoing promotion called '$5 Fridays' where they select a few items from their inventory and offer them for a substantial discount. For some items it is a better deal than others.

For example I purchased a dvd set of their 2003 National Conference 'The Power and the Glory' which retails for $85, typically you can get it for $68; I got it for $5!

I also purchased their Abortion dvd which retails for $20, typically sells for $24; and of course I paid $5!

What a steal! (shipping was only $3.99!)

These videos will serve my family well over the years as I study them personally and learn how to convincingly contest for the lives of those who cannot contest for it themselves, and also learn about Gods power and glory in building His kingdom from the likes of John MacArthur, Doug Wilson, Al Mohler, Sinclair Ferguson, and the Sprouls. One day, my children will understand these concepts.  Their faith will be strengthened. That makes these a good investment; whether at $5 apiece or not.

I highly recommend Ligonier Ministries as a source of finding answers to the tough questions of the faith. Dr Sproul has a winsome way with words and is able to clearly articulate seemingly difficult concepts so anyone can understand. If you are interested in learning more about your faith: how to live it, how to understand it (the Bible), etc I cannot say enough how much you will benefit from their resources.

Check them out:

See the latest $5 Friday Items

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