Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How P2R changed my life

It would be an understatement to say that my wife and I completed the last P2R challenge only slightly changed.

Doing anything for 4 months straight will certainly have drastic effects on you.

One of the ways participating in the Partnering to Remember challenge through Philippians has changed my life is:


I've never been one to journal. I think I had one for a week or so when I was younger, but it didn't last. Now, I enjoy writing down:

  • Daily memorization/reading/meditating notes
  • Sunday sermon notes to reflect on during the week
  • Prayers (my own/others)
  • Random musings
I am excited to one day look back upon my journals and rejoice in answered prayers and recognize how much God has blessed and changed me.

Maybe my (grand)children will be encouraged by the work the Lord has done/will do in my life though the study of God's Word. I can only hope to be so blessed. Only through God's grace will I leave a legacy that lasts.

So, thanks to Pastor Timmy Brister and all the others who helped make P2R well-organized and easy to jump into! And also to those who helped encourage along the way!

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